Simply put, it's better!

Nearly everyone who has used liquid bleach has had to put up with its problems. Not any more with Clean Shot.

Measure Cup

No Measuring or spills

Just add a Clean Shot tablet directly into your washer with the clothes. Use 2 tablets for large or dirty loads.

Brighter Whites

Brighter Whites + Stain Removal

Clean Shot cleans better than using just your detergent.

Single Dose

Single Dose Convenience

No tipping heavy jugs and pouring into the dispenser or tub.


Lightweight for Easy Handling and Storage

No more hauling heavy jugs home from the store.


One Bottle Cleans Double the Washes as 64 oz. Liquid Bleach

Clean Shot is a better value per load than most liquid bleach.


Great for multi-Purpose Household Cleaning

Clean Shot works as well in household cleaning as it does in the laundry.