Frequently Asked Questions

How can all that cleaning power be put in one small tablet?

Clean Shot Bleach Tablets are ultra concentrated. Liquid bleach is mostly water. Clean Shot is mostly cleaners.

How can I put a tablet in the wash directly with my clothes? Why doesn’t it burn clothes like liquid bleach?

Liquid bleach activates immediately, which is why it needs to be added to water first. Clean Shot is time-released, so it activates slowly throughout the wash.

Can I use Clean Shot on colored clothes?

Clean Shot is not recommended for non-colorfast clothes, wool or silk.

How is Clean Shot Regular Scent different from Clean Shot fragranced products?

Unlike other bleach tablet products, all of Clean Shot Bleach Tablets carry the same, powerful cleaning strength. The fragranced versions simply have added fragrance.

How does one Clean Shot tablet dosage compare to liquid bleach?

One Clean Shot tablet equals 6 ounces of regular liquid bleach and 4 ounces of concentrated liquid bleach in dosage.

Can I clean all hard surfaces in my home with Clean Shot?

Clean Shot should be first tested on an inconspicuous area. It is not recommended to be used on metal or wood surfaces.

Can I mix Clean Shot tablets with other household cleaning products?

No, it is not recommended to mix Clean Shot with other household cleaners because fumes could result.

What is the shelf life of Clean Shot tablets?

Clean Shot can be safely stored and used for three years.

Is Clean Shot safe for septic systems?

Yes, Clean Shot safely breaks down in septic systems.

Where can I buy Clean Shot?

Clean Shot is expanding into retailers who carry bleach. If you can’t find it in your store, you can buy it online.