Clean Shot Users Speak Out

“Liquid chlorine bleach drips on the washing machine when poured and then runs down the side of the bottle and leaves a ring on my cabinet. With Clean Shot, I didn’t have to worry about spilling or lifting a heavy bottle.”

Diana R.

“I liked Clean Shot Bleach Tablets the most because they are easy to carry and is not heavy. And they clean better. My white clothes looked much brighter!”

Doug P.

“The handling of the product was nice. Just take out a tablet and throw it in.”

Rob S.

“Simple to use! No fussing with liquid containers. Just put it in the washer and that’s it.”

Shelly C.

“What I liked best was that it was easy to use. No worry of splashing into the dispenser.”

Sandy O.

“The tablet is really easy to use for cleaning toilets and my HE machine.”

Heidi W.

“It’s very convenient. The smaller bottle took up less space. Also, there isn’t any measuring.”

Stacy N.

“They were much easier to use, also not having to worry about spilling on my clothes was great.”

Shannon M.

“I liked how Clean Shot got my whites so clean.”

Chris H.

“I really like the tablet form, because there is no splashing of bleach like the liquid. I have ruined many clothes because of the bleach splashing! So I think the tablet is a great idea!”

Mary L.